Course Designing Blended Learning

Good education starts with a good methodology. Using our design model, you can create a good blended methodology in 5 steps! The model provides a solid educational basis for your blended learning programme.

Internet technology offers new ways to motivate students and makes education more effective and efficient by offering certain parts of education in an online environment. However, this doesn’t happen automatically: good education starts with a good methodology. We use a suitable design model that ensures an adequate educational basis for the design of a blended learning programme.


The training consists of six modules:

In this module, we will look at your initial ideas for the use of ICT in education and what you’re experiences are up until now, so we can take these into account during the remainder of the course.

Vision on learning
On the basis of a definition and a vision on blended learning, you determine what is important for your area of education in terms of effective learning and how ICT can enhance and enrich learning.

Design model
At this stage, we will make a start at the design of your ‘blend’ on the basis of the so-called ‘diamond model’. We have developed the diamond model based on a combination of the education triangle and our vision on education.

At this stage, you will create a detailed plan of your blend. In doing so, you will use a timeline as a useful tool for creating insight into the order and content of education and learning activities.

Differentiation and motivation are two closely related elements of didactics. In this module you will take another look at your design from a differentiation point of view.

Final assignment
In the final assignment, you create a blueprint of your education programme or course. In this blueprint you apply everything you have learned during this course and all aspects that are relevant to your specific situation.


The course is offered in the form of ‘blended learning’ in a group of up to 10 participants. There will be two face-to-face sessions. In between these sessions you will work independently and in a collaborative online learning environment. All other parts of the course are provided online. The group will receive intensive guidance from an experienced trainer/educational developer.
The educational situation of the participants is central to the course. Each participant’s individual case will form the starting point. During the course, there will be room for participants to share experiences and internalise the design principles.


Who is the course aimed at?

The training focuses on teachers in basic vocational training or higher professional education environments, but is also suitable for policy makers and educators working in basic vocational training or higher professional education environments. Participants of the course are expected to have an average understanding of ICT and must have their own device (laptop of tablet) with a fast Internet connection. Furthermore, it is important that each participant brings a concrete educational case which he/she can work on during the course.

Duration of the course

The duration of the course is 10-12 weeks. The course starts and ends with a face-to-face meeting between the group and the trainer. All other parts of the course are provided online. The workload is approx. 30 hours (4 hours per module plus two meetings).


€ 1450 per person (tax-free). In case of multiple participants from one institution, an ‘in company’ price can be arranged.


A final evaluation will take place at the end of the course. This evaluation will be discussed with the client. Participants receive a certificate of participation.

Course details

10 - 12 weeks

Alternative options:
Completely online with individual guidance
Blended: online supervision and workshops
Custom made

Target group:
Teachers of Intermediate Vocational Education
Teachers/professors (higher professional education + university education)
Policy makers

Access to rich digital learning environment
Individual feedback

Redesign of your own educational programme

Other trainings

Supervision of blended and online learning

Internet and blended education offers new ways to motivate students and make education more effective and efficient.

For online and blended learning, online supervision is essential for good learning outcomes. In this course you will learn how to correctly prepare this supervision process and which tools to use in doing so.